About me

I'm Katja Törmänen from Finland. I found The Sedona Method in 2013, and haven't looked back. Before that, I had been studying and practicing several other modalities, but none of them really delivered. There seemed to be something missing - and I found that missing piece in The Sedona Method. It didn't just deliver what it promised, it delivered much more than I expected.

Shortly, it's been life changing.

The Sedona Method has helped me with life's little annoyances, like when the bus is late, a meeting is cancelled, or when the roof starts to leak. It has brought me relief if there's been a disagreement, an important call I'm afraid to make, or whenever life requires me to change my plans.

Releasing made my fear of driving long distances disappear, and it has helped me to become a professional author instead of just a wannabe-one. It has improved my finances and brought me some of my very best friends, and it definitely has made me a better mom, wife and friend. Releasing helped me when my mother was diagnosed with dementia, and it helped me even more when she was further diagnosed with cancer, and still more in the months before and following her death.

But what is even more important, releasing has made me braver, happier and more relaxed. It has helped me to appreciate all the good I already have in life, and it has brought me much more of the good stuff. Whenever there is a negative feeling, or I am stuck with a belief that I can't, releasing helps. It makes obstacles shrink and strengths grow, and most importantly, it makes love more present. makes me more aware of the love that is here, always.

Over the years, I've taken countless Sedona Method audio courses and retreats (you might have seen me on Zoom or YouTube already!), I've done over 1500 one-on-one releasing sessions, and I've gone through the Facilitator training several times. Since 2020 I've been giving workshops about releasing and The Sedona Method. In January 2023, one of my dreams came through: the book I wrote (in Finnish) about the method was published - and that's how this site got its name: The Joy of Releasing is the translated title of my book. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you and supporting you on your way to joy, peace and happiness!

The cover of my book - The full title translates as

The Joy of Releasing - How to Let Go of Emotional Turmoil with the Help of The Sedona Method