What do my clients say

"I've been very lucky to be able to know and work with Katja for many years.

Katja is an excellent facilitator and our sessions have helped me navigate many relationship decisions, get clarity around my career and make choices in life from a place of love and compassion.
As a result, my marriage got better, I've changed my career to a much more fulfilling one and I'm living a much happier life.
Katja has a beautiful presence and I always felt very safe and trusting when working with her.
What's really wonderful is that many of these changes happened effortlessly, without struggle.
I highly recommend working with Katja to everyone wanting to heal or improve any aspect of their life
." - Kamil

"I would highly recommend Katja as a releasing guide. Katja has supported me for many years, and in every single session she has been spot on with her facilitation. She has helped me release long standing issues such as social anxiety, insomnia, financial scarcity and many, many other things. After each releasing session I feel much better and calmer than before.

Her skill in being a releasing guide comes from both practicing facilitation as well as diligently releasing her own issues. This combination makes her releasing support very powerful.

The Sedona Method is a very powerful and easy tool to help you feel better, live the life that you want and connect to the source. It's great to use on your own, but it's effectiveness really shines through when someone supports you with it.

All in all, I highly recommend Katja as a Sedona Method releasing guide, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!" - Hugo

"It's always a blessing to be coached by Katja. One of my favourite quotes from Katja is "it is all perfect". She has taught me to let go of what I think should be and to embrace what is, trusting the Universe and its timing. Every session, she inspires me to be myself and trust myself more and more. 

Katja helps me to declutter my mind and reconnect with myself. I always feel safe to share and fully express whatever is on my mind without judgement. I highly recommend in Katja's services! I'm so grateful for all your support and guidance – thank you Katja!! " - Holly

"Katja is a Master facilitator. She's deeply compassionate, kind and centered. She has a way of always being present and knowing the right question to help things unravel. What seemed like an insurmountable something quickly appears like a forgettable nothing.Working with Katja has helped me as I've dealt with some deep depressions, and huge life changes. Her patience and calm manner takes using The Sedona Method to a new depth and has given me more clarity and peace in my day-to-day life.

The Sedona Method is unique in it's approach to moving forward in any area of your life. The simplicity of the releasing techniques can hide how much relief and clarity can be achieved in a very short space of time. Katja's own depth of understanding of the method makes her an ideal guide to anyone who's beginning to learn about The Sedona Method.." - Verity

"I've been really impressed with Katja's releasing coaching. After just a few sessions, whenever I face a challenging situation, I hear Katja's voice asking me: Could you let go of that? Would you? When? and I feel immediate relief. She really knows her stuff, and she's present in a way that allows me to go through whatever it is I'm facing, without judgement, and then she kindly guides me back to calmness, back to my inner power. I truly strongly recommend her services!" - Marianne

""I really enjoy releasing with Katja, I find it very helpful, it is supportive and fun! For sure she knows how to help people with releasing! She has good knowledge of the Sedona Method. She has been very effective in helping me discern and release several of the "lies of the mind" using the "take it for checking" technique. That was impressive!" - Stathis